Get more joy out of life as you journey through motherhood.

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Find Out how

Helping busy mamas get their mama-mojo back.

If most of the time your life feels chaotic and overwhelming and you have wondered where the joy you hoped to have in your motherhood has gone, let me encourage you – over time, with the right tools and small shifts in your daily habits, your life can look completely different. Come join me, I want to help you get your mama mojo back! 

Let’s get your mama-mojo back…


I help you define a clear vision on how to get your mama-mojo back based on six core values. Your vision is then individualised to create a clear picture of how to turn your overwhelm into real JOY!


Then proven strategies, tools and techniques are used to get these personal goals scheduled into your days, weeks and months. These actionable steps allow you to be content where you are yet inspired to move towards who you were meant to be – and we do this by making small mindful moves all the way!


Finally we celebrate every goal achieved along the way, both big and small. An important part of the Mucho Mama philosophy is realising that self care should always be a priority – that to live in real JOY we must learn to give only from the overflow of our self-care cup. So come and join me Mucho Mama and let’s get those empty cups filled back up and overflowing, so we can pour onto those we love.

My Favourite Things

This is everything I have tested and loved! Here is where you will find all my low-tox, nourishing and mindful favourite things that I adore and want to share with you! I love that they are gentle on the environment, your budget and most importantly you and your home.

What Mamas are saying about us.

After struggling with overwhelm and losing my own mama-mojo, it brings me so much joy to share the tools and techniques that helped me get JOY back in my motherhood with other mamas!

Mucho Mama offers intentionality, structure and motivation for things that I otherwise would have just wished I had done for myself, my home or my family but wouldn’t have done on my own. Naomi gives clarity, inspiration just when I need it most. Her ideas are well thought through, fun and energising. I always finish Mucho Mama challenges with a sense of great joy!

Bronya Dixon

Mucho Mama is such a wonderful community. The monthly challenges are a great inspiration and really help me to focus in on one aspect of being a mama. One small change at a time to living my best mama life!

Saara Burger

I love Naomi’s gentle and inspiring approach to motherhood. She has created a space for mums to not feel so alone in motherhood and is always encouraging people to look for pockets of joy and connection. Her approach to self-care feels achievable while also creating lasting change in our lives and homes.

Kellie Benard

Mucho Mama inspires me to embrace and be present in my everyday life but at the same time challenges me to create habits and a mindset that helps me move towards living my best life with joy. This benefits both me and my family. I love how she brings home what’s truly important and how we can make the best of what we have, who we are and where we are in life.

Arianna Kane

I am privileged to know the precious mama, the heart and soul behind Mucho Mama. Her passion to share her desire for a more joyful motherhood experience is deeply personal. She lives the Mucho Mama way of life daily, bringing the gift of calm, care, order and joy to her family’s life. This is what makes what she offers here so authentic and inspiring and achievable.

Natalie Venegas

I love many things about Mucho Mama. The way it inspires mindfulness, connection and nourishment in my life. One of the things I have enjoyed most over the years is the monthly challenges – especially the ones on detoxing from social media and decluttering my life. These are a breath of fresh air as they centre my mind and give me a fuller and simpler way to live my daily life.

Esther Espinoza

Mucho Mama is for the not yet Mamas too! As someone who was often overwhelmed by the countless things on my to-do list, Mucho Mama has helped me to simplify my life and create new balance and calm.  In the craziness of life Mucho Mama has helped me to experience a more fulfilled and meaningful life. My favourite monthly challenge was ‘spring into minimalism’. Letting go of the clutter through this challenge has not only reduced the visual chaos but has also helped me to make more intentional and cost effective purchases in the future.

Katie Barnett

Mucho Mama is a great space for Mamas to connect, form community, learn from each other and work towards their best version of motherhood. Over the years, Mucho Mama has been such a space of encouragement to me, and Naomi has led with such integrity, honesty and vulnerability.

Kara Williams

I have been following Mucho Mama for about 4 years and I have loved all the positive information shared. I love joining in the monthly challenges and have told many mama friends to follow her. I love everything you share and I love watching the videos as you give such a beautiful, peaceful and  loving energy…just what we mamas need! Thank you so much for starting Mucho Mama.

Carlie Preece

Motherhood has been more than just feeding, nappy changes and sleep deprivation. It’s been about learning new habits that bring my family closer and stronger together. Mucho Mama – thanks for the inspiration to chase new and healthy habits for my family.

Tia Hobsen

Mucho Mama has been a constant source of inspiration and accountability in my journey as a mother learning self care. As a former EC-ing (elimination communication) mum – I feel that what Naomi shares takes all of the confusion and mystery out of this little known and appreciated way of connecting and communicating with our babies. I think my journey would have been much more successful and enhanced through the support of someone like Mucho Mama and I know many families will benefit from what she shares.

Estelle Poots

I love the monthly challenges. It reminds me to take care of myself in the middle of the family chaos. The group also makes me feel supported in my journey to lead a low -tox and present lifestyle.

Harriet Truscott

Latest from the BLOG

Hi I’m Naomi.

Here on my blog you’ll find ideas to help you create deeper connection with those you love and build more self-care into every single day in small and big ways. I also love sharing nourishing recipes to help you put easy delicious food on the table meal after meal after meal, and tools and techniques on how to get more flow and efficiency in your home so you don’t feel that you’re constantly chasing your tail! I hope you get inspired to chase down joy and get more joy out of motherhood here on the blog.

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