One of the most nourishing things you can do to make sure that you ‘don’t let motherhood make you lose your MINDfulness’ is to create space for rhythms in your life that help you to slow down each day.

I love the rhythm of a tea-time each afternoon. How lovely is simple the act of making a tea, let alone enjoying the delightful moment of savouring each sip.

Whether you order a drink from your favourite coffee shop or brew one yourself – try form a habit of taking 5 minutes to yourself each day and go slowly while you drink your choice of beverage.

Sit down and be still and read a book or magazine you love or just be present and focussed on what’s happening around you. Take your shoes off for a moment if you can and ground yourself while you nourish and nurture.

There are so many wonderful choices to enjoy for a tea-time from coffee, peppermint or herbal tea or even a traditional English tea if that’s what you fancy. My personal favourite is Chai tea brewed on almond milk and sweetened with coconut sugar and honey and I try enjoy it with as little interruption as possible – with three kids and a toddler that isn’t always doable but I try.

Brewed Chai recipe

To make a nourishing brewed chai simply put one teaspoon of blissful chai per person and then add one cup of milk per person to a saucepan or chai pot (i.e. if you were making chai fro 3 people you would use 3 tsp of chai tea leaves and 3 cups of milk).

Stir occasionally and once it has warmed (but be careful not to bring to the point of boiling) simply add one tsp coconut sugar per person and then add a teaspoon of honey to each mug. Then use a tea-strainer and pour chai over honey into the mug and stir to mix through.

Then sit down and enjoy every sip as best you can in the season you are in beautiful mama.

If you like a good chai then the ‘Blissful Herbs’ blissful chai is the most delicious I am yet to discover. I have included a link where to buy this tea below (not sponsored just want to share something I love!). Blissful herbs is known for her wonderful birthing teas but this one is nothing of that sort and is simply a wonderful blend of:

Caraway, Cardamom,Cinnamon,Cloves,Ginger, Nutmeg, Star Anise, Sweet Orange Peel, Lemon Zest, Chilli and either black tea OR Rooibos (I always choose rooibos so that the kids can enjoy it alongside me too – you simply let them know rooibos in instructions at check out!).