Vietnamese Rice Wrap Salad

Rice wraps are up there with my all time fav meal. Finding the time to wrap it all for everyone is quite an effort – so when my kids were little I created this rice wrap salad instead which is much quicker for a quick lunch (or dinner!).

I make my husband and mine up as a proper dressed salad with all ingredients on top but I leave the kids disassembled. They like to eat all the elements of the salad separately. One of my kids likes dressings so they can add some on if they like it, but often times their salad is dressed simply with olive oil and Herbamare.


Vietnamese Rice Wrap Salad – rice wraps without the wrap!

1 packet Vermicilli noodles

1 punnet of mini roma tomatoes

1 lebanese cucumber

1 carrot grated

1 medium-sized block of tofu fried in olive oil and seasoned with herbamare

coriander (optional for kids)

Dressing (optional for kids – ours prefer to have olive oil and salt on their noodles instead!)

1 lime (juice)

1/3 cups sweet chilli sauce

1 Tbls maple syrup or rice malt syrup

1 tsp tamari